Thief Puzzle Thief Puzzle Game Thief Puzzle
Troll Thief Troll Thief Game Troll Thief
Race Clicker Race Clicker Game Race Clicker
Escape from Prison Escape from Prison Game Escape from Prison
Thief Puzzle 2 Thief Puzzle 2 Game Thief Puzzle 2
Huggy Wuggy Merge Huggy Wuggy Merge Game Huggy Wuggy Merge
Pull Him Out Pull Him Out Game Pull Him Out
Grindcraft 2 Grindcraft 2 Game Grindcraft 2
Save the Girl Save the Girl Game Save the Girl
Merge Miners Merge Miners Game Merge Miners
Dogecoin Miner Dogecoin Miner Game Dogecoin Miner
Tap Tap Run Tap Tap Run Game Tap Tap Run
Dance Clicker Dance Clicker Game Dance Clicker
Lifting Hero Lifting Hero Game Lifting Hero
Merge Master Merge Master Game Merge Master
How to Loot How to Loot Game How to Loot
Old TV Old TV Game Old TV
Idle Miners Idle Miners Game Idle Miners
Merge Cakes Merge Cakes Game Merge Cakes
Merge Mine: Idle Clicker Merge Mine: Idle Clicker Game Merge Mine: Idle Clicker
Pizza Clicker Tycoon Pizza Clicker Tycoon Game Pizza Clicker Tycoon
Idle Gym Tycoon Idle Gym Tycoon Game Idle Gym Tycoon
Trump Clicker Trump Clicker Game Trump Clicker
Whack Your Ex Whack Your Ex Game Whack Your Ex
Idle Farm World Idle Farm World Game Idle Farm World
Poop Clicker 2 Poop Clicker 2 Game Poop Clicker 2
Popsicle Clicker Popsicle Clicker Game Popsicle Clicker
Angry Boss Angry Boss Game Angry Boss
Hit the Computer Hit the Computer Game Hit the Computer
Pepe Coin Clicker Pepe Coin Clicker Game Pepe Coin Clicker
Pop It Puzzle Pop It Puzzle Game Pop It Puzzle
Farm Factory Farm Factory Game Farm Factory
Destroy It Destroy It Game Destroy It
Idle Mining Empire Idle Mining Empire Game Idle Mining Empire
Idle Farming Business Idle Farming Business Game Idle Farming Business
Poop Poop Game Poop
Business Clicker Business Clicker Game Business Clicker
Smash My Car Smash My Car Game Smash My Car
Fantasy Merger Fantasy Merger Game Fantasy Merger
Halloween Idle World Halloween Idle World Game Halloween Idle World
Idle Basketball Idle Basketball Game Idle Basketball
Supermarket Supermarket Game Supermarket
Miner Gold Idle Miner Gold Idle Game Miner Gold Idle
Idle Evolve Idle Evolve Game Idle Evolve
Fidget Toys 3D Fidget Toys 3D Game Fidget Toys 3D
Money Clicker Money Clicker Game Money Clicker
Yolo Dogecoin Yolo Dogecoin Game Yolo Dogecoin
Factory Clicker Factory Clicker Game Factory Clicker
LIT Ape NFT Generator LIT Ape NFT Generator Game LIT Ape NFT Generator
Gun Idle Gun Idle Game Gun Idle
Space Defense Idle Space Defense Idle Game Space Defense Idle
Merge Candies Merge Candies Game Merge Candies
Burger Clicker Burger Clicker Game Burger Clicker
Idle Doodle City Idle Doodle City Game Idle Doodle City
Merge Cafe Merge Cafe Game Merge Cafe
Idle Farm Idle Farm Game Idle Farm
Idle Startup Tycoon Idle Startup Tycoon Game Idle Startup Tycoon
City Builder City Builder Game City Builder
Poop Clicker 3 Poop Clicker 3 Game Poop Clicker 3
Meowfia Evolution Meowfia Evolution Game Meowfia Evolution
Idle Pet Business Idle Pet Business Game Idle Pet Business
Idle Baseball Idle Baseball Game Idle Baseball
Idle Gifts Idle Gifts Game Idle Gifts
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About Lagged games to make money Clicker Games

Idle and incremental games ranging from a variety of genres. Click away, purchase upgrades and try to complete all of your goals. Enjoy one of our 188 free online clicker games that can be played on any device. is the home to some of the best clicker games including many of our own creations exclusive to Lagged. Play any of our Clicker games on your mobile phone, tablet or PC. Play hit titles like Thief Puzzle, Troll Thief, Race Clicker and many more. For more games simply go to our best games page.

Best games to make money Clicker Games

Most Played Games

Dinosaur Dinosaur Game Dinosaur
Elastic Man Elastic Man Game Elastic Man
Draw This 2 Draw This 2 Game Draw This 2
Blob Opera Blob Opera Game Blob Opera
Toilet Race Toilet Race Game Toilet Race
Scary Neighbor Online Scary Neighbor Online Game Scary Neighbor Online
Going Balls Going Balls Game Going Balls
Minecraft Online Minecraft Online Game Minecraft Online
Choir Choir Game Choir
Thief Puzzle Thief Puzzle Game Thief Puzzle
Stair Race 3D Stair Race 3D Game Stair Race 3D
BitLife Life Simulator BitLife Life Simulator Game BitLife Life Simulator
Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 Game Poppy Playtime Chapter 2
Tall Man Runner Tall Man Runner Game Tall Man Runner
Shape Shift Run Shape Shift Run Game Shape Shift Run
Magic Tiles Magic Tiles Game Magic Tiles
Stretchy Snacks Stretchy Snacks Game Stretchy Snacks
Skateboard Surf Skateboard Surf Game Skateboard Surf
Tiles Hop Tiles Hop Game Tiles Hop
Ice Cream Inc. Ice Cream Inc. Game Ice Cream Inc.
Om Nom Run Om Nom Run Game Om Nom Run
Lemon Opera Lemon Opera Game Lemon Opera
Sandwich Runner Sandwich Runner Game Sandwich Runner
Troll Thief Troll Thief Game Troll Thief
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