Thief Puzzle Thief Puzzle Game Thief Puzzle
Stretchy Thief Stretchy Thief Game Stretchy Thief
Stick City Stick City Game Stick City
Stickman GTA Stickman GTA Game Stickman GTA
Cyber City Cyber City Game Cyber City
Traffic Cop 3D Traffic Cop 3D Game Traffic Cop 3D
Stick World Stick World Game Stick World
Taxi Run Taxi Run Game Taxi Run
Elite SWAT Commander Elite SWAT Commander Game Elite SWAT Commander
3D Knife Shooter 3D Knife Shooter Game 3D Knife Shooter
GTA-Man GTA-Man Game GTA-Man
Robot Police: Iron Panther Robot Police: Iron Panther Game Robot Police: Iron Panther
Bob the Robber Bob the Robber Game Bob the Robber
Street Pursuit Street Pursuit Game Street Pursuit
Catch The Thief Catch The Thief Game Catch The Thief
Bob the Robber To Go Bob the Robber To Go Game Bob the Robber To Go
Car vs Cops Car vs Cops Game Car vs Cops
Furious Speed Furious Speed Game Furious Speed
Pursuit Race Pursuit Race Game Pursuit Race
Highway Chase Highway Chase Game Highway Chase
Shoot Robbers Shoot Robbers Game Shoot Robbers
Steve vs Alex Jailbreak Steve vs Alex Jailbreak Game Steve vs Alex Jailbreak
City Theft City Theft Game City Theft
Santa Chase Santa Chase Game Santa Chase
Robbers in Town Robbers in Town Game Robbers in Town
Santa Thief Santa Thief Game Santa Thief
Floor Jumper Escape Floor Jumper Escape Game Floor Jumper Escape
Funny Grab Items Puzzle Funny Grab Items Puzzle Game Funny Grab Items Puzzle
Escape Thief Puzzle Escape Thief Puzzle Game Escape Thief Puzzle
Police Parking Police Parking Game Police Parking
Troll Robber Troll Robber Game Troll Robber
Stickman Thief Online Stickman Thief Online Game Stickman Thief Online
Hill Climb Racing Hill Climb Racing Game Hill Climb Racing
Miami GTA Simulator 3D Miami GTA Simulator 3D Game Miami GTA Simulator 3D
Race Jump Challenge Race Jump Challenge Game Race Jump Challenge
Hide the Murder Hide the Murder Game Hide the Murder
Bob the Robber 2 Bob the Robber 2 Game Bob the Robber 2
3D Puzzle Thief 3D Puzzle Thief Game 3D Puzzle Thief
Money Movers 2 Money Movers 2 Game Money Movers 2
Bob the Robber 5 Bob the Robber 5 Game Bob the Robber 5
Thug Racer Thug Racer Game Thug Racer
Money Movers Money Movers Game Money Movers
Money Movers 3 Money Movers 3 Game Money Movers 3
Lose the Heat Retro Lose the Heat Retro Game Lose the Heat Retro
Car vs Cops 2 Car vs Cops 2 Game Car vs Cops 2
Highway Robbers Highway Robbers Game Highway Robbers
Sheriff Callie Sheriff Callie Game Sheriff Callie
Car vs Cops Online Car vs Cops Online Game Car vs Cops Online
Noob Play Run Noob Play Run Game Noob Play Run
Escaping Prison Puzzle Escaping Prison Puzzle Game Escaping Prison Puzzle
Spy Chase Spy Chase Game Spy Chase
Swing Robber Swing Robber Game Swing Robber
Lucky Looter Lucky Looter Game Lucky Looter
GTA 5 GTA 5 Game GTA 5
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Chase down the bad guys as you turn on your sirens and get ready to fight crime. Either play as a robber or play on the side of the law. A wide variety of games featuring policemen and police vehicles. Enjoy one of our 56 free online police games that can be played on any device. is the home to some of the best police games including many of our own creations exclusive to Lagged. Play any of our Police games on your mobile phone, tablet or PC. Play hit titles like Thief Puzzle, Stretchy Thief, Stick City and many more. For more games simply go to our best games page.

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